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Our Bee Yard Wood Ware.

Our equipment is based on Lanstroth hives. We strongly hold the point of view that hive parts should be completely interchangeable and compatible with as much equipment as possible. This makes your equipment more stable than no standard equipment.

3/8 Ply price per sq inch 0.000162760416666667

5/8 ply 0.000217013888888889

oneby bf price 0.0025

Lid length 554.55

Lid Width 462.175

Lid Depth 8.35

Lid Ply area 256299.14625

Lid bf 783.369166666667

lid lumber 1.95842291666667

lid ply cost55.6204744466146

  • Hive Tops

    These telescopic lids are sized to fit most equipment, Give space for the top entrance provided by our inner covers. In stock 0. Lid price $64.5288973632812
  • Inner Covers.

    Our inner covers are designed to give one bee space on the top in the summer and two in the winter with a top entrance.
  • Brood Boxes

    We use two bee spaces. On on the top and one on the bottom. Although not recommended you can use them with both top space and bottom space equipment. In stock 0. box length MM 9.785433384 cost board foot 28.4411507858648 price $0 bm $23
  • Honey Boxes

    These are Dadant sized These are compatible with our xways Danants used for our queen breading equipment.
  • Bottom Boards

    Our bottom boards are designed to provide a entrance block that extends to the edge of the bottom board giving a better seal and fit. They also have two by two legs This makes it easy to put a strap under the hive We use common ratchet straps for this. The spacing is such that it is easy to get a dolly under the hive for movement.
  • Divider Boards

    When using the winter pack system they separate the main hive on the bottom from the Single on top. They are screwed to the bottom of the single. They also make nucs easy to create. They come in rights and lefts
  • Entrance Blocks

    Our two position block provide a dam for formic acid treatment in the flat position. In the vertical position They provide a standard entrance
  • Wintering Unit

    • Tops

    • inner covers

    • Brood boxes

Queen Breeding Equipment

Our breeding provides a small box containing two sides of 4 frames that are dadant depth but the width of the box. The small size reduce the amount of bees you need to raise a queen to a minimum that when combined in the xways dadat will still give you some honey when the breeding season is over. Two combined they make a hive large enough to survive as well as any single over winter. A divider board can be added on one and used as a top box in the wintering unit increasing the number of queen you can get through winter.

  • xways Matting Nuc

    These nuca have two sides of 4 frams.
  • Xways Dadants provides instruction how to use the equipment.

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